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I grew as a young man knowing David and Andy in Foley Alabama when their father had the dealership, David became a good friend, Andy was too little back then, but David was smarter than most I knew, something was there differently, then overtime he left after his dada death and they moved to Jackson, the Turkey Capital of the world, anyway god bless David and his brother at this time , prayer helps, so send in yours to his family. He’s watching from above people, looking at you and all. Send theses two brothers something to help them at this time. GOD BLESS his children,.... and above all this was a personal account of a longtime friend has nothing to do with the dealership. Now stop and go, theses boys when they owned the dealership continues although they had to relinquished Not for bad leadership but because of the “Cancer “ in theses boys lives since their fathers death that has now entered their lifetime , let’s see if the new owners can be as honest as they were....... southporttwo@gmail. Com for response

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VIA Google Oct 2, 2019

Even though we didn't get a car, Jake Casteel is the best car dealer ever he took time with us and explain the whole process and made sure that my daughter knew the odds and ins of getting a car and being able to keep it! Great guy!!

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VIA Google Jul 19, 2019

Great service

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VIA Google Apr 24, 2019
VIA Google Mar 25, 2019

Did good work. Fast. Good price.

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VIA Google Mar 14, 2019

Very helpful.

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VIA Google Feb 26, 2019
VIA Google Dec 18, 2018

I don't understand why I got directions when I know exactly where the place is.

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VIA Google Dec 5, 2018
VIA Google Dec 3, 2018
VIA Google Nov 3, 2018

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