Preview of 2018 Dodge Demon

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Preview of 2018 Dodge Demon

Preview of 2018 Dodge Demon

The 2018 Dodge Demon was designed for a single purpose: to be the most beastly, high-octane, drag-strip-ready racer to ever come off a production line. Not only is it the fastest production car to go from zero to 100 mph, it’s the only one to ever pop a wheelie straight off the line. There’s no other mass-produced V8 engine with as much horsepower. The Demon’s record-setting quarter-mile time makes it more than a purpose-built machine – it’s set to be one of the most coveted cars on the road.

The Demon Breaks the Mold

Nothing like the 2018 Dodge Demon has ever come off of a production line. It’s not a sports car, and it’s not a pony car – it’s a street-legal, strip-dedicated muscle car. As far as production cars are concerned, the Demon delivers a slew of highests and fastests. For starters, with up to 840 horses, it produces the highest horsepower of any production car. And, even though the Demon has yet to be released, it’s already famous for being the world’s fastest quarter-mile production car, streaming over the stripe at 9.7 seconds and 140.1 mph. That beats the Bugatti Veyron’s quarter-mile time, if you’re wondering. The Demon also has the highest G-force of any production car, which puts drivers in a position to actually feel their own high-octane speed.

Dodge Demon Performance

If you’ve always wanted to pop a wheelie in your street-legal drag racer, now’s your chance.

The 2018 Dodge Demon achieves liftoff straight off the line, becoming to first production vehicle ever to do so. And that’s not the only thing that will impress your friends at the strip. You can achieve under-10-second quarter-mile times again and again with the Demon’s specialized performance gear. Use the transbrake to load up the engine without moving an inch. Once it’s fully loaded – up to 2,350 rpm – use a paddle shifter to release the transbrake and launch the Demon into a wheelie. All four wheels sport drag radial tires to supply maximum grip during straight-line acceleration.

Straight off the line, the 2018 Dodge Demon passes the quarter-mile mark in 9.9 seconds at 136 mph. Under the hood, you’ll find an all-new supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI SRT V8 engine. As you might’ve guessed, that supercharger is bigger than even the one in Dodge’s famous Hellcat, with more oomph for your drag launch. When you take advantage of Dodge’s Demon-inspired toolkit, including the performance parts you need to transform 100-plus-octane fuel into pure power, this beast produces 840 horsepower, cutting the quarter-mile time to an incredible 9.7 seconds at 140.1 mph.

Racer From Top to Bottom

The 2018 Dodge Demon is so racing-oriented that it doesn’t even come standard with front passenger or rear seats. You can get them, however, for only a dollar apiece. You can also equip this high-octane fiend with all the upscale luxuries you’ll find on the Challenger Hellcat, including leather seats with heating and ventilation. Who says the world’s fastest production car need not be stunning, both inside and out?

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