Used Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Used Jeep Grand Cherokee

The used Jeep Grand Cherokee is an iconic mid-size SUV that delivers rugged off-road power, family-friendly space, and substantial towing power. Unlike many competitors, these models offer an advanced four-wheel drive system that tackles seriously rugged territory. The Jeep Grand Cherokee makes a great pick for used buyers because it provides long-lived dependability. Modern comfort and convenience features make your time on the road well spent. Check out our used Jeep Grand Cherokee buying guide to learn more.

Used Jeep Grand Cherokee


4th Gen Grand Cherokee

4th-Gen-Jeep-Grand Cherokee

The current, fourth-generation used Jeep Grand Cherokee is better ever. It’s the perfect pick for drivers who want to combine a people-friendly cabin with rugged off-road power. These models also supply added refinement, so highway cruising never feels like a chore. Under the hood, the used Jeep Grand Cherokee generates substantial power. Properly equipped, these mid-size SUVs can tow max loads of 7,400 pounds.

Inside the used Grand Cherokee, you’ll find plenty of room to spread out – for front and rear passengers alike. Posh features, like leather upholstery and heated front seats, make your trip truly enjoyable. The fourth-generation Grand Cherokee also plays to modern sensibilities, with a central infotainment system that provides quick access to smartphone integration features. The rear-seat Blu-ray entertainment center keeps younger passengers occupied for hours on end.

You can count on the used Jeep Grand Cherokee for safety. Look for high-tech features, like blind-spot monitoring, that sense nearby danger. Use the rearview camera to spot any obstacles in your path. The modern Jeep Grand Cherokee also impresses with its crash-test scores. In government crash tests, it earned a perfect five-star rating for overall protection. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Jeep Grand Cherokee its top score of “Good.”


3rd Gen Grand Cherokee

3rd-Gen-Jeep-Grand Cherokee

When the third-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee arrived, it introduced a number of new four-wheel drive systems and a range of modern engines. Inside, improved ergonomics increased passenger comfort. For the 2007 model year, the Grand Cherokee announced a diesel engine that combined serious power with substantial fuel economy. These models also offered a number of new safety features, such as hill-start assist, that were designed to help you maintain authority over road conditions.


2nd Gen Grand Cherokee

2nd-Gen-Jeep-Grand Cherokee

These Jeep Grand Cherokees offered increased head- and legroom and a larger cargo area, making them even more family-friendly. A new V8 engine increased engine output for a stronger showing on rugged terrain. Jeep also introduced the Quadra-Drive system, which could send power to a single wheel if the other three lost their grip.


1st Gen Grand Cherokee

1st-Gen-Jeep-Grand Cherokee

In the nineties, the first-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee showed shoppers everything that a modern mid-size SUV could be. Unlike competitors, these models offered a driver’s side airbag and four-wheel antilock brakes, thereby maximizing safety. They could also be had with upscale features, including leather seating and premium audio.

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